Suit Purchasing Information

Suit purchasing should be done anywhere from 4-8 months in advance of your wedding date. The wedding party should be finished being measured 6-8 weeks in advance to ensure enough time to have the suits delievered and taiolred here at the shop. We make it our personal goal to have your suits tailored for you two weeks in advance to your wedding date. This allows time for any last minute alterations that may be required. However, we know things come up, and we will work with a schedule that fits your individual needs.

Pricing for suits is done at a group rate. Our prices start as low as $159.99 depending on style, material, and the fit that you chose. This includes a jacket, pants, and basic alterations-waist & length. We have a large selection of accessories including shirts, ties, socks, and shoes at an additional cost. A deposit is requested for each member of the party by the time the suits are ordered.

To request more details, please contact us at your earlierst convienence.